Joelle defines herself as a creative person, and she expresses her creativity in a variety of ways. With an artistic ancestry and art-influenced childhood, Joelle began painting in watercolors at the age of 4. She studied art in school and also had private art instruction from the ages of 8 to 17. Her paintings and intricate ink drawings were selected for inclusion in nine student art exhibitions before she graduated from high school. She was also interested in photography from the age of 10, and restored photographs in the darkroom, later in Photoshop, to the tune of more than 5,000 photographs..

In college, Joelle worked as a part-time illustrator and copywriter for an advertising agency. Then she became a creative director for a book publisher and also co-owned a recording studio. It was during that time that she had her first two art exhibits, one for her watercolors and the other for her large oils on canvas. A few years later, she began working in the landscape industry and soon became self-employed as a landscape designer and consultant to the horticultural industry. At the same time, she became a creative services provider and periodicals publisher, and continued to pursue her work in the visual arts, including painting in watercolor and acrylics, illustrating in watercolor and ink, and doing portrait photography, taking her businesses to the World Wide Web in 1992. She has participated in many co-op art shows, as well as arts and crafts shows where she exhibited her beaded jewelry and hand-decorated clothing.

In 2005, Joelle left her home state of California and relocated to Washington state to be near her family. She lives in a quiet forested neighborhood with her two cats, amid her collections of antique European etchings and vintage pottery. She loves music and gardening, and writes books and legal contracts. She also teaches a variety of continuing education classes at local community colleges.

Joelle has a bachelor's degree in Language Arts (a double major in English and Linguistics). She also has vocational certificates in Ornamental Horticulture and in Interior Design, with specialties in Color and Space Planning.

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