Art, Collecting, Conservation, Design, Photography,
Digital Photo Restoration, Marketing

by Joelle Steele

The following are some of my previously published articles and blog posts about art, conservation, collecting, photography, and marketing your art/photography. I add more articles as I find the time to format them or write new ones for this Web site, so check back periodically to see what's new.

2016-05-22: Investing in Art: Learn how much it costs, where to buy it, what to buy, investing versus collecting, and what can happen when you want to sell.

2015-11-08: Colors for Your Web Site: The role of color in web marketing, web-safe/browser-safe colors (including samples of each), color palettes, and a few "don'ts" in the use of color on your website.

2015-10-28: Painting Your House: How to select exterior and interior colors for your house, how to select colors that bring the outdoor color scheme indoors, and working with color palettes.

2015-10-26: Chromodynamics - The Psychology of Color: The history of color as it relates to the psychology of color, and the symbolism behind the various colors.

2015-10-18: How to Light Your Fine Art Paintings: Looks at the kinds of lighting available and which are safest and most effective for illuminating art.

2015-09-19: Where Art Meets the Mind: The role of the eye and brain in effective advertising.

2015-08-29: Color in Advertising: The role of color in logos, print ads, brochures, etc.; the use of color; selecting color palettes; and a few "don'ts" in the use of color in your print work.

2015-06-02: Colors - The Seasons of Your Wardrobe: Describes the origins of the seasonal color system (summer, winter, spring, and fall colors), notes the basic colors for each season, and the personalities of each season.

2015-03-10: Conserving Works of Art on Paper: How to handle, mount, frame, display, store, and in other ways protect your art investment.

2015-03-06: Collecting Antique Photographs: Anyone can collect old photos, even on a tight budget.

2014-12-30: Photo Forensics - Can You Tell If A Photo Is Retouched? This article looks at whether or not you can tell if a photo has been altered, edited, enhanced, retouched, manipulated, or "photoshopped" with the intent to defraud.

2014-11-27: Ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes and Tintypes-Which Is Which and How Can You Tell?: Some tips on how to tell these three non-paper photographs apart.

2014-11-17: Selecting Paints in Black and White: A simple artist's guide to selecting white and black paints.

2014-10-25: How to Varnish Your Acrylic Paintings: How to select varnish and apply it to enhance your painting and protect it from dirt, dust, and environmental pollutants.

2014-09-11: Types of Non-Paper Photos: Identifying types of non-paper photographs.

2014-09-08: How to Digitally Restore Your Antique Photographs: Scanning vs. digital cameras, the scanning process, editing or restoring (color, contrast, enlargement, tools, saving, and sepia tints).

2014-08-03: Eight Tips for Artists: How to achieve greater success in your artistic career pursuits.

2014-04-14: Does An Art Education Guarantee Success?: Outlines the options artists have for studying their craft and how their studies impact on their art.

2014-04-10: How to Fix the Most Common Website Mistakes: Learn about the problems that can occur with navigation and links, contact pages, writing, readability, photos/images/graphics, ads, animation, number of clicks, splash pages and loading screens.

2014-03-27: Art Prints and Printmaking Processes: If you collect prints, this articles describes some of the types of prints and printmaking processes you might encounter along the way.

2014-03-11: Photographing Your Portfolio - One Picture is Worth A Thousand Words: Some basic tips on how to create and photograph your presentation portfolio or online portfolio to best illustrate your projects or products.

2014-02-21: Conserving Works of Art on Canvas: How to handle, frame, display, and prevent damage to your own art or the art you collect.

2014-01-12: Selecting & Using Typefaces & Fonts For Print Work and Web Sites: Learn about the history and use of fonts and typefaces; what font sizes mean; font names, attributes, and similarities; fancy fonts; fonts on the web; and fonts that fit.

2013-11-14: Pricing Your Art: Price Tips for Emerging Artists: Six basic factors to consider when pricing your art work.

2013-11-13: From Mundane to Magic-Ideas and Inspiration in the Real World: All creative people have many ideas that can bring them success.

2013-11-08: How to Hire and Work With A Creative Service: What a creative service is, hiring and working with one, establishing budgets.

2013-10-13: Painting Tips and Techniques - Acrylics: A few tips on working with acrylics on canvas.

2013-10-03: How to Photograph Your Art: If you're an artist or collector and want to keep digital records of your art, this article should help you do it yourself.

2013-09-19: Make Your Art Show A Success: Detailed helpful tips for gallery shows and craft fairs.

2013-08-11: Types of Paper Photos: Identifying types of paper photographs.

2013-03-17: Basics of Color Theory: Defining color, color wheels, color models, color chips, and mixing colors.

2013-02-16: Neuromarketing: What is it and should you be scared?

2012-10-17: Preserving Antique Photos: How to handle, store, and display your old photographs.

2012-09-18: Advertising & Marketing Tips: A few words about advertorials, press releases, broadcast advertising, updating your image, ad copy, marketing during a recession, keeping ad costs down, sharing your know-how, and display ads.

2012-09-12: A Brief History of Photography: Brief but comprehensive history, starting with the camera obscura up to the digital camera era.

2012-08-13: The Origins of Hand-Tinting Photographs: How did they do it in the old days? The same way people still do it today!

2012-08-13: Digitally Restoring Photographic Panoramas: These ultra-long photographs require some special steps in the restoration process.

2012-07-24: Create, Select, and Edit Photos for Use in Advertising: Tips on how to shoot photos, select the right ones, edit them, and use them in ads and Web pages.

2012-07-14: How to Select and Prepare Photos and Other Images for Publication: What the eye sees and the brain interprets, selecting images, best and other options in electronic format.

2012-05-09: Antique Photographs & How They Were Made: The many photographic processes defined, from Daguerreotypes to 20th century film.

2012-03-10: Scanners and Scanning: A brief look at the ins and outs of scanners and the photographic scanning process.

2012-03-02: Being What You Are Meant To Be: The artist's road to success is not without its detours.