The following are links to Joelle Steele's bio, résumé, artist statement, articles, interviews, and press releases.

. . . BIO AND RÉSUMÉ . . .

Joelle Steele wears many hats, and so her complete résumé is tediously long, but she also has a separate art résumé that is a shorter.


Artistically Inclined by Joelle Steele. A short autobiography of the artist's life as it pertains to art.


Joelle Steele's very brief artist statement.


The Evolution of an Artist - Joelle Steele Relocates and Moves into a New World of Painting Experiences
by Barbara Cabot (unpublished, 2010)

The Life of a Writer and Artist - A World of Creativity in Self-Publishing and the Internet
by Barbara Cabot, Freelance Magazine, 2005

Career Dialogue with Joelle Steele, Commercial/Graphic Artist
Occupational Outlook and Training Directory for Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz Counties, 2001

Joelle Steele Expands Her Creativity
by Barbara Cabot, Freelance Magazine, 1992

Back From Homelessness - Venice Beach Artist and Writer Tells Her Story
by Sheryl Brenneman, Beach's Sentinel, 1992

The Nature of Illustration: California Artist Joelle Steele
by Merilee Kutchensen, Book Bag, 1987

Joelle Steele: Burlingame Artist Opens at The Lorton
by Louis Friedstadt, Bay Arts Guide, 1976